Welcome to the blog! Here, I hope to share what I have learned from nearly three decades of reading, listening to, and telling stories, as they appear in books, television, films, plays, computer games, and pen-and-paper RPGs, so that budding GMs and writers can learn from mistakes (mostly my mistakes) without needing to make them themselves. I will be talking about what to consider in the formation of a world or story, as well as the more delicate work involved in portraying them, and the sometimes arcane world of English grammar and vocabulary. Beware: there will be puns, and most of them will be bad.

If you have ever wanted to know how to run a good RPG for your friends, or why you should never be caught with your participles dangling, this is the place for you; and if you have not, then stay awhile and maybe you will find something useful here anyway. I plan to begin with a general overview of mistakes in otherwise good portrayals of worlds, and then move on to specific points, either examining particular fictional worlds and how they relate to writing generally, or looking at points of language and how they are used in portraying various worlds.

As I get the hang of the site, the layout, colour scheme, and obvious placeholders will change, so watch out! I also encourage you to ask me your grammar/story-related questions! In the course of complaining about other people’s poor writing, I am sure I will make mistakes. Unlike the mistakes we encounter in the media for which we pay, however, mine are all free!

One thought on “What’s all this, then?

  1. Interesting article which made me really think about the writing aspect of other media in more depth. Thank you.


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