Split Infinitives and Dangling Participles

Katie Bouman's algorithm helps linguists externalize visualize the crushing oblivion that awaits a society in which minor grammatical errors are tolerated. A while ago I found myself in a discussion with an acquaintance who pointed out that, despite my frothing aversion to split infinitives, the authorities at the OED blog had declared them acceptable because … Continue reading Split Infinitives and Dangling Participles

Smoke and Mirrors, part 2 or ‘Unfortunate Lay’

Spoilers for Hollow Knight (computer game). Clarity in writing flows from choosing the correct word. To paraphrase both Antoine de Saint-Expuréy and Josef Pieper, you will know that you have the correct word when no other word fits its place better. Nothing says, 'I promise this won't be pretentious' like casually dropping Antoine de Saint-Expuréy … Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors, part 2 or ‘Unfortunate Lay’